Earn money planning trips for travelers like yourself.



Support your lifestyle

Earn money doing what you love.  Experts make on average $300 and up to $1,200 per trip.  Vayable is a fun way to offset your expenses while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of choosing how much work you take on and when.

Connect with new people

Connect with fellow wanderlusters who you might not otherwise meet.  Our Experts and travelers come from all over the globe and are journalists, pilots, software engineers, thought leaders, actors, artists and more.

Share your expertise

Share your knowledge and skills with travelers looking to discover your city in a new  and meaningful way.  You have the power make a valuable difference in people’s lives by sharing what you know.


Vayable is your friend at any destination.  Experts are matched with travelers who have requested personalized travel experiences.  Once paired with a traveler, Experts work as consultants to craft the perfect trip, create an itinerary and in some cases book reservations, delivering a fully-customized, amazing vacation that travelers can book in a single click.   Experts are screened for destination knowledge and skills.  Once Experts deliver a finalized itinerary, travelers are prompted to pay seamlessly through Vayable.com.  

Requirements for Creating Trips

You must be at least 18 years old and have deep knowledge of the destinations for which you create trips.  We’re looking for friendly, community-oriented experts who love sharing their destination knowledge with new people. In order to be approved, experts must pass a phone screen and online training.

Protections for you and travelers

Travel insurance: Vayable provides the option for travelers to purchase travel insurance when they book.

Community ratings: Experts and  travelers rate each other after every booking to ensure the a high quality of communication and service on our platform.  You’ll be able to see travelers’ ratings before accepting a request.  

The approval process

We try to contact everyone within one business day of applying, and the training process takes 3-5 days. You’ll be creating memorable trips in no time!

Receiving money

Community experts get 10% of the total booking amount received from travelers. Money is deposited into your bank account the following day.

Choosing customers and hours

You choose when when you want to want to receive requests and which requests you want to fulfill.  

Q & A

Who can be an Expert?

Anyone who has deep knowledge of the destinations they serve, is organized and responsive.  What makes Vayable special is that it’s community-driven and we believe that the best trip creators can be anyone with the passion, expertise and skills.

How much money can I make?

On average Experts make $300 per trip, although some can make up to $500-$1,000, depending on the total booking price.  

How do I get paid?

Vayable will deposit money into your bank account the day after you’ve completed a request.

Do I need a special license or insurance?

It depends.  Because you’re not a travel agent or operator, no special license or insurance is required in most locations. Because local laws do vary, we encourage you to check regulations in your location.